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[Firmware Update] New Firmware Release in 17th April (Ver. 2.3.1)

April 3, 2013
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Dear RICOH Unified Communication System Customers:

Please be informed that we will release new firmware for Unified Communication System P3000.
We would like to ask you to inform the customers to do update on the device.

Firmware Update Information

Release Schedule:
Effective Date
UK (GMT+1)    04/17/2013 04:00
U.S. EST (GMT-4) 04/16/2013 23:00
Singapore(GMT+8) 04/17/2013 11:00  
Japan(GMT+9)      04/17/2013 12:00

Firmware Update on P3000:
Version (File size)
2.3.1: (70MB)

New Functionality Available (after firmware update):

Managing devices as an administrator
You can manage multiple devices from Unified Communication System Settings by creating a new administrator account.
The following items can be managed:
-Viewing the histories of meetings
You can view the histories of meetings for multiple managed devices. You can also export detailed meeting histories as files.
-Adding, editing, and deleting devices
You can add, edit, and delete multiple managed devices. You can also use a file containing device information to add multiple devices at one time. In addition, you can add multiple new contacts to the address books of individual devices and approve them at one time.

When the feature for managing multiple devices as an administrator is added, the top page of Unified Communication System Settings changes single contact.

Changing the Contact List sort order
You can sort your Contact List by "" Status" or "Name".
The contacts whose status is "Meeting" or "Ready" are displays at the top of the list.
The contacts are displayed in alphabetical order.

Port Settings
If the UDP port cannot be used for communication during a video meeting due to problems with the network environment
you are using, you can use the TCP port (443) instead.
The port settings can be enabled when using Connection Check and when holding a video meeting.

- You can move the cursor to the right edge from the left or vice versa on software keyboard.

This time users can update the firmware whenever they wish to do so.
(Users could hold the meeting first and then update the firmware after the meeting is finished.)
When user select to update the firmware, P3000 then downloads the latest firmware and reboots so new functionality will be available.

Maintenance Information