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[Firmware Update] Notice concerning the update of RICOH Unified Communication System P3000

August 28, 2013
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Dear RICOH Unified Communication System Customer:

Thank you for your continued support and for the confidence that you have placed in us. 
On August 28th RICOH Unified Communication System update will take place.
This update will solve the problems described below.
We hope it will make your user experience more enjoyable.

【Estimated time for the implementation of the firmware update】
UK (GMT+1) Aug/28/2013 Around 4:30am
USA (EST)(GMT-4) Aug/27/2013 Around 11:30pm
Singapore(GMT+8) Aug/28/2013 Around 11:30am
Japan(GMT+9) Aug/28/2013 Around 12:30pm
* This update is optional

【Targeted device】
RICOH Unified Communication System P3000

【Content of the firmware update】
This update does not involve an interruption of the service, but it is an optional update.
On August 11th 2013, bugs appeared in the firmware update. Bugs are explained below, as well as the way to fix them.

If you proceed to the update of the RICOH Unified Communication System P3000 with a USB device (external microphone, etc.) connected to it at the same time, the phenomena below occur :
Phenomenon1: conference cannot begin when unplugging the USB device connected at the time of the update
Phenomenon2: for some external microphones and headsets, their sound volume cannot be controlled

【Firmware information】
1.Firmware version
  ・After updating, the P3000 terminals version will become Ver.3.0.2
If the version you are currently using is prior to 2.3.1, it is first necessary to update to version 3.0.1.

2. Firmware updating method
  ・When starting the P3000, a message will be displayed in the lower part of your screen informing you of the latest firmware. Please proceed to   
   update as necessary.
   Please refer to the user guide for more details.
・This update requires 1 MB hard drive space.
In the case of a 500kbps environment, it takes about 1 minute to download it.

【Mail address registration request】
 RICOH Unified Communication System is operating a mail delivery system to give information about regular service maintenance, troubles in the network or updates.
 These are important notifications so please don't forget to register.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you.

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