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[Firmware Update] Firmware update of RICOH Unified Communication System for P3000 (03:00 Jan/29/2014 (GMT))

January 14, 2014
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

To our valued customers using Ricoh Unified Communication system:

Please be informed that firmware update of Unified Communication System P3000 will be available on the following schedule.
This update is NOT mandatory.

[Release Schedule]
UK (GMT)         03:00 Jan/29/2014
U.S. EST (GMT-5) 22:00 Jan/28/2014
Singapore (GMT+8)   11:00 Jan/29/2014  
Japan (GMT+9) 12:00 Jan/29/2014

RICOH Unified Communication System P3000

[Firmware information]
Version 3.1.1
- If the current firmware version is not 3.0.1, it is necessary to update to 3.0.1 first.
- The update file is approximately 40MB. It will take 11 minutes on 500kbps network.
There is an update to 3.0.2 occuring between 3.0.1 and 3.1.1. The 3.0.2 file is less than 1MB and the update will be done at once.

[New Functions Available (after firmware update)]

1. Auto Firmware Download
If [Auto-Download] is enabled in [Download Setting], and an updated firmware version is available, the firmware is automatically.
downloaded when the machine is in Ready mode. This reduces the amount of time required for updates.
An auto-download is only performed while the contact list screen is being displayed.
After the auto-download is complete, a message appears when you turn off the machine.

2. Meeting Information
When a meeting starts, the meeting information is displayed at the top of the screen. This information includes the meeting
status, the audio settings of the machine, and the network status.
The three modes for displaying meeting information are as follows: Normal display, Simplified display and Display off.

When a meeting starts, the meeting information is displayed in normal mode. After 10 seconds have passed, the display
mode automatically switches to simplified mode.
The [up] and [down] keys can also be used to switch between normal display, simplified display, and display off.

[Mailing list registration request]
RICOH Unified Communication System provides a mail service to inform you regularly about the server's maintenance, system failures or updates.
We would like to strongly advise you to register to receive important information.

Maintenance Information