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[Notice of service operation status] Service Status: Available for users in Asia & Japan area

June 9, 2017
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Dear RICOH Unified Communication System users:

We appreciate your continued usage of our products and services.

We notified you earlier that there was a potential failure alert in the cloud system. A detailed investigation has concluded that a failure has occurred in the service, causing it to be temporarily unavailable.
The entire service is back in operation.

This failure influenced on the customers with the following contact IDs. Participants having a video meeting with these customers may also have been affected by the failure.

We deeply apologize for this failure that has caused great concern and inconvenience to you.

We appreciate your continuing support for RICOH Unified Communication System.

[Affected Contact IDs]
Contact IDs subscribed in Asia & Japan (the following Contact IDs);
The first three digits of Contact ID;
158, 344, 356, 392, 458, 608, 702, 704, 764

*Please see the Contact ID/Country reference table on URL below;

[Service Outage Period]
UK (GMT) 06/08/17 17:37 - 06/08/17 17:52
USA (EST) (GMT-5) 06/08/17 12:37 - 06/08/17 12:52
Singapore (GMT+8) 06/09/17 01:37 - 06/09/17 01:52
Japan (GMT+9) 06/09/17 02:37 - 06/09/17 02:52

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